Action Pest Management - Green Solutions
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About Us

Here at Action Pest Management, our focus is to provide the most excellent service to all our customers.
Not only do we offer a discount to our United States Veterans, but also to our esteemed Senior Citizens.
With our certified technicians by your side, we will help protect your family, home and its surrounding environment from unwanted pests. We offer a wide variety of maintenance programs specifically tailored to your needs.

Action Pest Management has been servicing the Berkshire County area as well as Southern Vermont for over 25 years.
As a locally family owned and operated company, we are confident that the programs we provide are well suited for both commercial and residential structures of this area.

We offer programs for the control and elimination of various insects, cluster flies, rodents, mosquitoes, fleas and ticks. We have on-hand wildlife experts trained to remove/trap nuisance pests such as Bats, Racoons, Woodchucks and Squirrels.

Our Company is the only one in the area with the vast knowledge and experience with the 100% EFFECTIVE Thermal Remediation Bed Bug Heat Treatments.
We also provide FHA Home Inspections for the purchase and sale of properties.